Looks with long coats

14 October 2022

Looks with long coats

Looks with long coats

Looks with long coats

Long coats are the best allies on colder days.

The long coat is the key piece for autumn/winter. At FERRACHE you will find timeless, versatile models with unique details.

Long coats can complement many different looks.

5 looks with coats


Whether a short, long or midi dress, they are always a great option to combine with a coat.
On those days when you don't know what to wear, this combination never fails!


The sets are versatile and practical pieces of clothing, perfect for those days when we don't have that much time to prepare.
This type of outfit with a coat is the perfect combination if you looking for something comfortable! For a sophisticated look, go for some high heels and bolder accessories.


This coat is what stands out the most in this look. The design of the coat and its details are unique and make all the difference.
The combination of this skirt with the blouse is for those looking for a classic and feminine look.


If you want a more casual look, our trench coat, with shorts, paired with a blouse and boots, will be the perfect combination!
The trench coat is a timeless piece, and you can wear it on several occasions.


For a more sophisticated look, pair a coat with a classic wide leg pant.

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